Kitchen Sink Scramble ~ Recipe ReDux

With the arrival of Spring, all those adorable brunch occasions start to arise. While I love brunch, I don’t love how many of the dishes are a bit carb- and sugar-centric. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy these foods (in moderation), but with an abundance of pancakes, waffles, French toast, muffins, pastries and more, … Continue reading

An Ambitious Garden Grows…

Ambitious and Nutritious

Just wanted to share a few more pictures from my vegetable garden. I’m starting to get lots of zucchini and squash! The cucumbers are just starting to get large enough to pick and the figs are getting ripe. I hope everyone is enjoying the fresh produce of the season!  

The Start of an Ambitious Garden {2012}

Happy almost summer! I wanted to share a side project I’ve been working on… my ambitious vegetable garden! Several weeks ago I started these adorable plants from seeds and two weeks ago, they were planted into the garden. They are now starting to spread their roots and really take off. I’ll keep you posted through … Continue reading