Dinner on a Tuscan Farm

During my stay in Florence, I had the rare opportunity to have dinner on a Tuscan farm. Over the years, the director of my program has made friends with a farming family at the Sant’ Ambrogio Market. This warm and welcoming family invited my group to a traditional Tuscan meal at their home. After rainy … Continue reading

When in Parma… Eat Parmigiano!

Parma, Italy is a city known for their contributions to what we consider Italian cuisine (although there is no one Italian cuisine). If you’ve never heard of Parma, you have probably heard of the foods they produce, like Parmigiano Reggiano, Prosciutto di Parma and a brand of pasta named Barilla. Sound familiar? In a day … Continue reading

A Taste of Florence and Tradition

After a few hostel nightmares, this little RD made it to Florence, Italy! After checking into New York University’s campus, La Pietra, and recharging in my new Italian home… It was dinner time.