Bagels & Lox! ~ Recipe ReDux

Every November the holiday nostalgia kicks in as the holidays near. As we reminisce and think about the things we are thankful for, more often than not, food memories emerge. The smell of my mom’s turkey marinated in soy sauce, garlic, orange juice and mustard. Or the 10 heads (yes, heads) of pureed garlic that soak into the Christmas pork shoulder (pernil). Or even my grandmother’s picadillo stuffed crescent rolls in the oven – our holiday “lunch” staple. But the one meal that crosses all holiday’s lines is the holiday breakfast I grew up with – bagels and lox (aka smoked salmon). Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas – we always started the holiday with bagels and lox (and orange juice). I loved lox as a kid – I loved it so much that I wrote that it was my favorite food in a back to school night note to my parents in third grade (who does that?).

Bagels and lox signifies the start of a holiday morning for me – or it meant my brother was home from college – or I was back home from college. Besides the flavor and memories of it, I love how unique it is. I mean, really, who else has bagels and lox for Thanksgiving and Christmas breakfast? Certainly no one I know of!

Anyway, something nutritionally cool about bagels and lox is that it gets your holiday off to a good start – the mix of carbs and protein can help push off hunger and give you energy for the day – to deal with the travel or all-day cooking or the in-laws! Don’t skip breakfast on a holiday filled with food, but instead make smarter choices with it. By selecting whole grain bagels, you’ll get more fiber – and if you get giant bagels (like I do in New York), you can scoop out the inside to keep breakfast more balanced. Spread less fat by using reduced fat cream cheese or whipped cream cheese and sticking to the serving size. When choosing salmon, I look for “less salty” varieties by asking my local smokehouse (or comparing the label if picking up a package).

Here’s how I’ll be stacking things up this holiday season…

Bagels & Lox

Serves 4


4 whole grain bagels

Whipped cream cheese

Smoked salmon (lox!)


Warm bagels, cut in half, scoop out insides of the bagels. Spread whipped cream cheese across both halves. Top with thin slices of smoked salmon. Enjoy!

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One Response to “Bagels & Lox! ~ Recipe ReDux”
  1. Simple, yet delicious! I could eat this every morning. 🙂

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