Kitchen Cupboard Trail Mix ~ Recipe ReDux

As if Recipe ReDux peeked into my google calendar, this month’s theme perfectly aligned with what I had going on… travel. As a packer and a planner, I always have snacks packed for myself and when applicable, my travel companions. July’s Recipe ReDux was to share a special travel treat or tried and true snack. Since this trip was by plane, liquids were out. To get me through the hunger pangs of air travel, trail mix it was.

Have Snacks. Will Travel. With time tight, this recipe and picture is as authentic as it gets. This mix was made and picture taken at about 10 pm the night before my flight. As usual, I was reaching for whatever trail mix-friendly ingredients I had on hand (and a few I had picked up in preparation). When designing your own trail mix, look for whole grains, dried fruit and nuts to get a mix of fiber and protein to help you feel satisfied and tie you over when better options are sparse (or too expensive).

 Kitchen Cupboard Trail Mix

Kitchen Cupboard Trail Mix

Makes 1 snack-size bag of trail mix


¼ cup cereal*, (aim for a whole grain cereal that stands up well to the pressure of travel)

2 Tbsp. almonds, roasted, unsalted

2 Tbsp. raw sunflower seeds

2 Tbsp. dried cranberries


Combine all ingredients in a snack-sized resealable bag. Shake. Enjoy.

* for this trail mix, I used Quaker Oat Squares

For other snacks that are also great for travel, check out my post on Jury Duty Snacks!

2 Responses to “Kitchen Cupboard Trail Mix ~ Recipe ReDux”
  1. I adore Quaker Oats squares and I know where you are heading off to tomorrow 🙂 See you in Iowa!

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