Dietitians Visit Chobani SOHO

Chobani SOHO Pistachio + Chocolate Creation

I was recently invited to an event to get to know Chobani’s first store in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan. Eager to see what this Mediterranean yogurt bar had to offer, I excitedly accepted. The store has a bright and beautiful storefront on the corner or Prince and West Broadway, so open that you can read the menu from across the street and see directly into the glass-partitioned kitchen where the “creations” are artfully crafted to order. You can select between protein-rich 0% plain yogurt and 2% plain yogurt for your order. The creations have been carefully selected to have delicious and complimentary flavors so they discourage customizing or substituting ingredients except in the case of allergy or intolerance. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with the combinations—they are so well matched.  If there is an ingredient that you’re not typically a fan of, I suggest still trying whichever creation speaks to you because you may find that ingredient is transformed once it’s part of the whole. Part of what makes them so delicious is the high-quality, fresh ingredients. It’s not just any honey or any olive oil (yes, I said olive oil). They are carefully selected for their flavor and quality. Fall in love with one of the ingredients? Chobani SOHO sells many of the ingredients they use in their store. They also sell bottles of “Water for Water” where 100% of its net proceeds go to funding clean drinking water through the Shepherd’s Gift Foundation.  I really enjoyed all of the different creations and depending on my mood, I would probably get any of them again. One of my favorites was fig + walnut. I even recreated it the next day with fresh figs, walnuts and honey. Thank you to Chobani for a fun and delicious evening. If you ever have the chance, check it out!

Chobani SOHO fig + walnut

My recreation of fig + walnut

Chobani SOHO
150 Prince Street, New York, NY
(646) 998-3800
Always check their website for the most up-to-date hours and information.

You can find the menu on their website.

Now, we just need to get one in Lower Westchester, NY—comment if you agree!

Dietitians at Chobani SOHO (photo credit: Kara @ Chobani)

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the event but I was not paid or asked to write this blog post. All opinions are purely my own.

3 Responses to “Dietitians Visit Chobani SOHO”
  1. Toby Amidor says:

    Would love one in Westchester! So bummed I missed the NYC event– I was sick:(

  2. Chobani Love says:

    Thanks for joining us! It was such a pleasure to meet ya. Hopefully we’ll see you around!


  3. Dee Owen says:

    Hi, Alex.

    I would say that this was one of your best posts yet except I say that every time you write anything. What the heck, I’ll say it anyway. This was one of your best posts yet! I didn’t even know that Chobani had a store and will definitely try it next time I’m in SoHo.

    I recently set up a Pinterest account so, of course, I simply HAD to click your “Follow me on Pinterest” link. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I know I’ll get a lot out of it since the ideas are coming from you.

    I hope you’re enjoying your lack of graduate school stress, especially now that September is coming and everyone is gearing up to go back to classes (although it must feel kind of weird for you since you’ve been in school since you were a tot, right?). Well, believe me, you’ll learn to love it very quickly!

    As always, thanks for continuing to send me your newsletters. I really like your writing and, even more importantly, they help me feel like we’re keeping in touch. Enjoy what’s left of the summer!

    Love, Dee

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