Comfort Foods in Time for Healthful Holidays

This Fall, Robyn Webb released her newest cookbook, The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook. This beautiful and colorful cookbook supplies your favorite comfort food recipes tailored to people with diabetes. By adjusting the fat, carbohydrates and sodium, the recipes can help people with diabetes control their health and blood sugar better. In addition, these recipes are also healthier alternatives for those looking to eat better while still enjoying the comfort foods they love.

American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, FNCE, 2011In addition to sharing her own fabulous recipes, Robyn reached out to colleagues to share their favorite comfort foods. I was honored to share some of my favorite (diabetes-friendly) comfort food recipes along with other nutrition foodie pals. While we often think of comfort foods as those warm and heavy meals, I shared my favorite summer comfort food: tomato, basil and mozzarella salad. I also taught Robyn my family’s asopao de pollo recipe, a Puerto Rican chicken and rice soup. You should have heard my grandparents giggle when they saw the recipe in print – priceless! Here is a peak at my asopao recipe on the blog, A Weight Lifted (click to view). Asopao is one of my favorite dishes to snuggle up to as winter creeps in!

In the spirit of the changing seasons, dropping temperature, shorter hours of daylight and impending holidays, I wanted to introduce you to this wonderful cookbook and resource. When looking for healthier, comforting recipes or a holiday gift be sure to check out The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook!

The Diabetes Comfort Food Cookbook is available for purchase on

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