Social Media Queen for a Night

Best of Westchester Party, Social Media Tent, Westchester Magazine
Best of Westchester Party, Social Media Tent, Westchester Magazine

Photo Credit: Jim D'Angelo Photography

On Wednesday, July 20th, 2011, I attended Westchester Magazine’s Best of Westchester Party at Glen Island Harbour Club… THE party of Westchester County. Naturally, I could not contain my excitement and was tweeting up a storm. To my excitement, I learned that Westchester Magazine (with sponsorship from prominent social media participants) was having a Social Media tent, an area for virtual acquaintances and friends to gather and meet in person… a “tweet-up,” if you will. I was so impressed that the magazine and others in the county see the importance of social media and using the event as a way to bring Twitter followers/followees and Facebook friends together.

“This was our first time ever organizing a social media tent at The Best of Westchester. Our goal was to bring together some of the counties top bloggers and celebrate their innovative use of social media for business and the county at large. Everyone had a chance to put the name to the “twitter handle” tonight and the event was a huge success.”- said Kris Ruby of Ruby Media, Social Media Organizer.

In addition to this awesome Social Media Tent, there was a Social Media Contest. The winner would be the person who did the most Tweeting or Facebook posts about the party using the #BOW11 hashtag. Not that I needed much incentive to tweet a lot about the event, but I’m always up for a contest! Now, I could have just tweeted 1,000 tweets that just said #BOW11, but that wasn’t the point of the contest, nor is it the point of social media. It is the interaction, the socializing of social media that is most essential.

To my surprise, I WON! Or as my boyfriend declared, I was the Official Social Media Queen (for the evening). Not only did I tweet the most, I also interacted with Westchester Magazine and many others planning on attending. I suggested that people display their twitter handles on nametags, and I asked people what they were most excited to see.

Best of Westchester Party, Social Media Tent, Westchester Magazine

Photo Credit: Jim D'Angelo Photography

What did I win, you ask?

A feature in Westchester Magazine’s Nightfly video with Kris Ruby. I also won a beautiful gift basket from Tasteful Treats & Treasures Gift Baskets, which contained Mama Zuma’s Habanero Potato Chips, cheese biscuits, Sonoma Lavender products, a high-heel note book, a high-heel magnetic paper-clip holder, Mirror Mints, Nam’s Bits cookies, and Pomegranate Jelly Beans. WOW! In addition, I also was interviewed by many other Westchester media outlets, who will be listed below as they become available!

I would like to take my moment as “Queen of Social Media” to encourage you all to get in the game! Social media is truly the direction we’re moving in as a society, and it enables us to stay current and involved. Since entering the social media world, I am significantly better connected with both my community and my profession. Whether you have a business or a blog, social media can help you greatly expand your voice and network. I also suggest getting involved with social media groups such as Westchester I.R.L. (I.R.L.= “in real life”) or following Westchester Social Media). Not from Westchester? Start asking around, there are probably social media groups in your area. However you decide to get involved… do it!

Best of Westchester Party, Social Media Tent, Westchester Magazine

Photo Credit: Jim D'Angelo Photography

Thank you to Westchester Magazine, Kris Ruby and everyone involved in the Best of Westchester Party and the Social Media Contest. I am truly honored to have won. Congratulations to all the Best of Westchester winners. Thank you to Chocolations for inviting me as their guest! Thank you to everyone that interviewed me as well– it was a pleasure meeting you all!

Please share your social media tips, networking groups or articles!

Articles, Interviews and Mentions:

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3 Responses to “Social Media Queen for a Night”
  1. Congratulations on becoming social media queen! Maybe I can re-tweet one of your tweets.

  2. I retweeted your tweet about 13 ways to prepare potatoes and I also tweeted about an article on how healthy potatoes are from Huffington Post.

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